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Insurance and Billing

As an ambulatory surgery center, we can bill medical and dental insurance for any applicable service. Anesthesia services are billed separately by the Columbia Anesthesia Group.


I don't think I can fully express how much I love this dentist. From the moment I called needing an appointment for my daughter ASAP as a new patient, to walking in to the office, through the appointment, talking with the ladies who came up with her treatment plan and the financial details, through meeting the Drs again at the Surgery

Center bright and early the VERY next morning and having every one of my fears and concerns be put to rest, and even after they were finish I was simply blown away. I wish there were words to fully explain how grateful I am to have chosen this dentist. They turned the scariest, toughest place to be when it comes to your kid's dental health into one of the best experiences ever!!!

– Adrianna K.

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